You don’t think I’m really what I am, do you? …….

Hello dawls!

I’m sorry i haven’t posted for a while. Sigh, oh school. 

So, two days ago on a Friday, my friend in the other class told me that my other so-called ‘friend’ was talking trash about me and my real best friend. This girl and her new friend, (who was my best friend’s mean friend)-sorry, don’t know if this makes sense) are really mean. Like, mean MEAN. they were talking about how me and my best friend should go somewhere less nice, also spelled h-e-l-l. 

Poor girls.

they don’t know what they’re dealing with. If they think we should to Hell, it’s their loss.

Apparently, i’m such a goodie goodie and my best friend brags about her marks. 


First of all, my best friend doesn’t even tell anyone what her marks are. 

Secondly, how am i a goodie goodie? they have obviously never seen me go out for revenge before. 

as much as i don’t like being mean to people, i am hardly a goodie goodie. 

Their loss….

Hugs and disses!

Skylah ❤

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Eyesore-what a girl wore to school today

Eyesore-what a girl wore to school today

Loose shirt

Knee length pencil skirt
$52 –

Latex legging

High heels

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Helping Janielle with LDSG in the newsroom

Helping Janielle with LDSG in the newsroom

Studded shirt
$32 –

Distressed denim shorts
$32 –

Summer shoes
$105 –

Burberry bag

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Old-fashioned but still cute

Old-fashioned but still cute

Peter pan blouse
$29 –

Leather shoes

Frye leather bag

Lime Crime lip makeup
$21 –

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Cute, Casual and classy

Cute, Casual and classy

Button up shirt

River Island skinny fit jeans
$48 –

Tan boots

Louis Vuitton tote handbag

Inverni orange fedora
$175 –

SELECTED circle scarve
$45 –

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Our school going uniform!!!

Our school going uniform!!!


Tory burch

Pointed toe flat
$22 –

Agent Ninetynine fedora hat
$26 –

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Hi loves!

Again, i would like to thank all the followers who are following the Bunny Clique and Skytwin. Elinda promises that she will be back soon, and apologizes for letting us down. Don’t worry, Elinda, it isn’t all your fault!:) 

My friend Janielle (pronounced Ja-neel)  has started her own blog! Here it is:

hope you enjoy it!
(er, nice group name, Janielle…)

Skylah K.

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