Girlies, we have some important news!

If you are following the Bunny Clique, you can transfer here. Spread the word!

Elinda is temporarily off wordpress. Dealing with a crisis where our other friends are fighting (for multiple reasons, actually.) And where she’s trying to find out some mystery boy who supposedly likes her, Elinda has no time for wordpress. When she is ready, though, she will be blogging with me.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to ARHY, MK, SK, and a thousand other Massies, Alicias, Dylans, Kristens and Skyes, plus a whole lot of other life bloggers who are highly inspirational. ;) thank you x10, girlies!

Now for the news:

I am probably going to make an MB roleplay blog (i’ll tell you guys when i make it.) And…

WordPress’s GG has been revealed! Now, this girl has caused a lot of grief during her time at wordpress, but we know she can’t be all bad and she may not be bad at all.

Let’s face it. she made a mistake. A big one at that, and she could correct it. Now she did. She’s learned to apologize, and while it isn’t clear to me about this mess, i’d forgive and forget. whatevs.

Love ya, guys!
(regular posting will begin tomorrow at Halloween)

Skylah Klassen



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I blog about life, things that I find cute, and just stuff in general.
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