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Hola gaga,

I’m just going to post my new members on this page-you can look them up in the About section later if you want.

I’m still figuring out how to create a ‘Follow’ button so with one click, you can become a member. No worries, its completely safe, you don’t have to include your name or anything and i won’t make you do anything either. However, if you want your blog (if you have one) to be posted for other people to check out, let me know (by comment or email-you know the stuff) and i’d be happy to oblige. I don’t tolerate rude comments like ‘is this some trashy life you want to make better by displaying to the public?’ or anything like that. rude people are directed to either the left or right hand corner of their computer screen, where there is an ‘X’. You should use it. Anyway, i have some new people i want to introduce you to.

Janielle Lawson: You may have heard of her if you checked out my ‘who’s who’ page. She wants to create a blog called the ‘Furious Five’. Uh, nice blog name, Janielle. When she’s done, i’ll tell you guys. Again, if you’ve read the who’s who page, you’ll know that she loves dance. She also loves Calvin Klein. The only thing she wears is Calvin Klein. she absolutely REFUSES to wear anything else. (and every week, she shelves the store. Sometimes, she’ll come to school with this massive Calvin Klein shopping bag with each item she bought and model them for our friends to see which one she should wear that day.) Janielle also has a cat who, incidentally, is named Calvin Klein.  😛

Imogen Chang: She’s one of my besties! She wears only Hollister and loves shopping with Janielle. 

Elaney Voltries: You may have heard of her if you read my who’s who page. She wears only Banana Republic and is a very competitive dancer. she NEVER gives up. Other than Banana Republic, Elaney can afford to be a bit choosier (and by choosier, i mean that the only store besides Banana Republic she’ll go to is Calvin Klein, and thats only for the sunglasses. Nothing else.) This is why she is one of Janielle’s friends. 😛 

Well, if you have any interesting stories you can tell me, just comment below and if you want, i can add you.

Skylah Beatrice Klassen


About Skylah Klassen

I blog about life, things that I find cute, and just stuff in general.
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2 Responses to More about!

  1. Sial says:

    okay hey sorry i was on my phone before so i was typing stupid sorry.

    hey what’s seem cool and i’m so bored. i wish i could dance but i cant. im from canada and we dont have thatmany good dancestudios.

    • Hi!
      I didn’t mean you. But when I look on other peoples blogs, there are lots of haters out there, and their comments arent particularly pleasant. You seem nice though. 😛
      I’m from Canada too and I go to shadbolt for dance. I wouldn’t say it’s five star, but it’s still pretty good. If you want to take dance though, there’s a place here in burnaby where I live called spotlight and danzmode.
      See ya!

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