I’m back again!!

Holllaaaa eveyone, 

I’m back from vacaaa!!!!

Victoria was awesome, we saw lots of deer and went blueberry picking. the blueberries there are better than the ones we buy at Costco. 

Camping was pretty fun and the hotel was a bit confusing, but otherwise, it was great!

i hope you guys have a chance to visti there!


Skylah Klassen


About Skylah Klassen

I blog about life, things that I find cute, and just stuff in general.
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4 Responses to I’m back again!!

  1. Sial says:

    is this lyk a fanfic?

  2. Oh yeah, I typed in Skylah Klassen before, but apparently, some guy almost tried hacking into my account, so I changed the name. It’s still Skylah though.
    I don’t think a lot of people know about my blog, it’s new, so yeah. Thanks for commenting, though!
    I only take ballet, and it’s kinda boring in some parts, and I still wish I could dance jazz and tap and modern.
    See ya!

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