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So if you don’t already know, I’m super busy because of school, but my cousin Kaitlyn has a blog that I might be transferring over to put my work on as well. Its about books, fashion, makeup tutorials, bands, tv shows, a lot of random things. Here’s the link:


I have a big chance of transferring and working with her on that blog, so make sure you follow for more. 🙂

I still have yet to set up my goodreads and polyvore account :[] so bear with me!

~~Khristine daBean

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I have no idea what to put for this title


I just finished a bunch of homework so I’m going to take another shot at this.

I don’t have anything in particular to write about, so unless I get daily bouts of inspiration, don’t expect a post every day.

I really wish school starts soon, I really do. Its not like I’m bored, I just want to go to school and carry on the routine that I usually have when I was at school last year.

Umm….I’m still thinking about what I should center around writing as a whole on this blog. No fanfiction, please no, perhaps a short, chaptered story of my own… it depends.

I don’t have a lot to say today, so I’ll just call it quits for now. 

Until next time!

~Khristine A.V

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I’m back…..again…?


So….I know I’ve been gone for a LOOOONG time. Like, a year and a half long. I know this blog doesn’t have much appeal, so if there are a tiny handful of followers who wanted more from this blog, I’m sorry. Its just that WordPress hasn’t really been my ideal social blogging network. So for the past year and a half or whatever, I’ve really just been hanging around Tumblr. (Sorry, WordPress fanatics, I still love you guys and I enjoy all the blogs I follow here on WP.) 

Another reason why I haven’t been active on WordPress (like, not even checking out blogs and such unless I happened to stumble across one I liked) is because that last year, I just started high school. In the area I live in, high school starts at grade 8, which I just finished. And as my first year of high school, that brought a lot of stress and much more hard work down on me than the carefree years I spent in grade 7. Since I had applied for honours courses (classes of higher ranking than the average math and science class), I spent the first few months trying to save my sorry butt from a huge science fair and math exams by the week. So that obviously didn’t pan out well for my packed schedule. Also, with my other activities after school (piano, soccer, etc), I really didn’t have time to spend my free hours writing blog posts. However, I actually still did keep in touch with blogs, just not writing them. 

So summer has ended for me, and I’m going to start grade 9. 

Well, okay. I’m SUPPOSED to be in school. I’d happily be sitting in a classroom filling up my head with math equations and science formulas. I’d actually like to be in class right now. 

I live in Canada, okay. If you’ve read some of my older posts, you’d know which province I live in.

If you’ve been on the news and you’ve heard about the school strike happening now where I live in, you’d understand perfectly. If not, google ‘BC school strike’ and take your time. 🙂 

Sooo, if you know already, or just don’t care, the strike is causing students all over the province to be deprived of our education for the past week. And this week, it looks like there’s no school either, which is a HUGE bummer for me, speaking for the science class I’m supposed to be in this year, which includes a science fair (yippee. -_-) and a PROVINCIAL SCIENCE EXAM AT THE VERY END OF THE YEAR OH MY GOODNESS NO.) And now it looks like I have at least two weeks less to prepare. 

No, seriously. Look at it this way: The first week is an introduction, then the last two or three days of the first week is when you start settling in. That gives time for the teacher to get their stuff together and explain concepts to us. The second week is when you start getting details of the science fair that happens every year. That gives you the rest of the week and the next week to choose your fair idea and get yourself a partner. Unless, of course, you want to go solo. Which is perfectly fine, for the big introvert I am. 

Anyway, the stupid strike is preventing me from having my education. However, I’m willing to go through all means to make up for it, so each day is basically ‘homeschool’ for me. So I actually have stuff to do, which makes me much happier. 

I’ll try to keep up with WordPress as much as I can, and I may eventually reveal my true colours as a Tumblr blogger sooner or later. Just maybe. 😉 

A second issue I must address: My real name isn’t Skylah Klassen. It was my pen name when I was an overly-hyper 13 year old. My name is Khristine Annalie. But call me Khristine. 🙂 

Soo… I’ll try to keep up with WordPress, okay? But I can’t make that a promise. It just might be a habit of me throwing around a bunch of posts because I’m bored or if I have extra time and then leaving for one and a half years (-_-) before coming back with a huge apology…which I don’t really want to happen. 

Alrighty then, be prepared for a few changes here, I’ll try to dust off this blog for a bit now that I have the time to do so.

See you guys!

~Khristine Annalie V. 

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I’m back and better!


I’m so sorry i haven’t been posting lately. Even during Christmas break, i have lots of things to do. So i just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

School started today and my teacher just announced the annual speech contest! YAY!!

My topic for the speeches is women’s rights. So, basically feminism. This means equality to both men and women, as i’m sure most of you know. I was about to do “End Child Soldiers”, but after my teacher told us a story of this boy who was forced to become one (actually, kidnapped and forced) i was too shocked to even think. 

So, women’s rights it is!

Expect a new post in about a week!


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Hey dolls!!!

Finally!!! Freedom!!!

School ended on the 21 for me- haha, the ‘end of the world’, huh?;)

The last day of school before winter break is always exciting. we have a pancake and pyjama day, where you get to wear your pyjamas to school and eat pancakes the parents and staff have cooked up. my mom, being a volunteer, took me to school early to help cook. Mmm, i can still taste them.:)

i had just bought new pyjamas a week before and they were just about the cutest pairs in the school.:):):) the set above are the pyjamas i wore- i had to exchange the shorts for a pair of pj pants because it was so cold.

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…


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PJ day and pancake breakfast

PJ day and pancake breakfast

Gold Hawk elastic waist pants
$290 – farfetch.com

Schiesser revival
$120 – zalando.co.uk

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Sweet revenge

Sweet revenge

Satin shirt

VILA baggy boyfriend jeans
$66 – vila.com

Kelsi Dagger red heels

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